Excerpts from government emails show this decision is not the right one.

Highlights from Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Documents (ATIPP)

Government’s Decision may result in increased costs to the health care system

Government hopes to save $496,233 by eliminating physician-delivered flu shots under MCP. These savings will be used to pay for the expansion of the HPV vaccination program to include males at a cost of $360,000. Eastern Health will need $227,000 to accommodate patients who will no longer be vaccinated by doctors. These two items alone will result in an increased expenditure of $90,767 before factoring in: 1) costs for the other regional health authorities; 2) the replacement MCP billings of physicians for patients they will see when they are no longer providing flu shot-only appointments; and, 3) the costs associated with extra emergency room visits and hospitalizations that will likely occur if flu shot coverage is reduced. It costs Eastern Health $9 per influenza immunization. If this cost is consistent across other RHAs, it could cost between $355,000 and $400,000 to accommodate the 39,500 to 44,500 patients that will be displaced from physicians this year in addition to the $360,000 needed for the HPV vaccination program.

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